Our philosophy…safety

…Is that the health and safety of each member of our “family” is of primary importance. Every member of our team, from managers to the individual worker, is responsible and accountable for safety on the job. Our projects are undertaken in such manner to ensure:

♦   Safety of oneself
♦   Safety to other workers
♦   Protection to public
♦   Protection to company, public and client property

We believe that the benefits of safety are directly transmitted to our clients in completing our projects in a timely fashion. Accidents and mishaps can unduly delay a project, and as such an injury and accident free workplace is the goal of every one of our team.

Our commitment to safety is of the utmost importance, and ranks equally with production, quality and costs. In conjunction with the General Contractor for each project, D.C.M. Mechanical Ltd. compiles documentation with respect to Hazard Analysis, Site Inspection, Training, and Tail Gate Meetings.

D.C.M. Mechanical Ltd. has a zero tolerance policy regarding adherence to relevant Safety Rules, Practices and O.H. & S. Regulations. Adherence is a condition of employment.